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"Sadly, modern medicine tends to treat only symptoms and not the underlying cause. We need to heal our bodies at the source of the cause, not at the upstream effect.  The source will always be there, and if the source is polluted, it will continually affect what happens downstream."

About The Author Rick D. Fischer

Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Adrenal Fatigue, Flu,  Emotional Trauma, Serious Injury, Obesity, Diabetes, Mineral Toxicity, Allergies, Weak Immune or Digestive Systems, Degenerative Disease, Illness...?

A book that belongs in every medical clinic, healing center, hospital, and home.

The honesty, clarity, and veracity that is exhibited by Rick Fischer in the expanded, 3rd edition of The Healing Workbook is so welcomed and needed within our current realm of health education, and truly makes large strides toward perpetuating the prudent navigation toward efficacious and indelible healing and personal growth of which we all seek. Fischer’s work provides a practical, well-rounded, proactive, sedulous guide to the insightful, introspective, liberating, and empowering task of embarking on your own personal comprehensive healing journey.  The content is concise and assuredly catchall of the most paramount elements that one must address on this journey.

~ Megan B. Westbrook


"Camu Camu: This South American berry offers one of the highest sources of natural Vitamin C from any plant on earth! In addition to its amazing Vitamin C qualities, it provides a full spectrum of antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and minerals. Camu camu is a great immune booster and anti-viral. It also has received a lot of praise for its mood-balancing and anti-depressant effects."

An invaluable tool for people that truly want to heal mind, body and soul.

~ K. Merizalde

The Healing Workbook is a culmination of Rick's background as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and trainer, his years of experience in the field of personal development, his life-long appreciation of holistic healing methods, and his own experience overcoming serious injury - far beyond what doctors said would be possible. With a background in nutrition and advanced training in tissue mineral analysis and mineral balancing, he combines the elements of proper nutrition with the power of mindset and a variety of holistic healing modalities all for the goal of optimal healing. His mission is to bring awareness to the body-mind connection (for they each affect the functioning of the other) and empower the individual to achieve greater self-healing through knowledge that is often not readily discussed in mainstream medicine.





3rd Edition

"Very of the best pieces of information I can give to loved ones to help them understand what has been going on with me for so long and hopefully inspire them to look into this for themselves."  ~Jessica 

"I treasure the work you have done, and suggest that everybody gets your book "The Healing Workbook"

~ Dr. Robert Selig, D.C.

"Health and healing begins inside us, not in some pill. The miracle of good health is within each of us, and so we all have the ability to make that miracle reappear, by looking within."

Excerpts from The Healing Workbook 

Learn the shocking truth behind why many natural and safe cures are purposely kept hidden from public awareness.

Understand how the health of your gut is affecting the rest of your body, and how to go about healing your gut - with contributions from Gut Expert Aga Postawska.

Discover the number one cause of obesity - it may not be what you think!
Uncover the one source where all autoimmune disease starts (and how to begin healing any of the over 200 autoimmune diseases)
Discover which birth method increases risk for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and learning disabilities.

Uncover hidden programming within your subconscious that has been sabotaging your life, relationships, and health...and how to release those programs.

Learn how the delicate balance of mineral levels in your body are affecting your energy, health, and even personality!

Discover what has been called the most powerful immune boosting and anti-cancer substance on earth. Chances are you haven't heard of it (and it certainly isn't promoted on TV!), but

     it's in your health food store.
Learn how to use this one item (probably in your kitchen right now) that has anti-bacterial, antiviral, & antifungal properties. When used wrongly though, its beneficial properties are destroyed.
Learn about the dangers of candida along with easy and natural ways you can lower your levels.
Learn the top 8 ways to reduce your sugar consumption

Be guided through powerful exercises that help with emotional healing, forgiveness, shifting mindset from negative to positive, and shifting mentality from victim to victor.
Could the cure for cancer already exist? Prepare to be shocked at what mainstream medicine isn't telling you!
Discover which harmful 'food' we have increased our consumption of by nearly 1000% since the 1980's thanks to government subsidies - & why it's so important for your health that you avoid it.

Understand why the calcium you're taking to prevent osteoporosis could actually be making your bones weaker, while leading to other dangerous, even fatal, health conditions!
Learn how to keep your brain healthy (and how its intimately connected with gut health).

Understand how a single low mineral level (which most people are deficient in) is increasing your risk of heart attack.
Learn about a self healing method that releases self-sabotaging beliefs and thought patterns from the body's cellular memory, clears energy blockages, and releases repressed

     thought forms and emotions that are at the root of many physical ailments. 
Understand why pharmaceutical drugs that aim to lower cholesterol are setting you up for a health disaster!
Don't needlessly spend another penny on vitamins and minerals until you understand your levels and how taking one can detimentally raise or lower the level of others.  
Learn about one of the most effective treatments for any type of ligament or tendon injury.
Discover an ancient European recipe that offers a great preventative against colds and flus - and it's easy to make.
Learn about a natural product that has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, has been used as a common infection fighter for over 2000 years, can increase the effectiveness of modern

     antibiotics by up to 1000x, and yet has been shoved under the rug in recent years in exchange for more profitable pharmaceuticals. No pathogen is immune to this substance!
Learn the shocking facts about dairy and how, contrary to the mainstream media message, it can actually be harmful to our bones.
Learn the truth about gluten, and why those with hypothyroid really need to pay attention.

Discover the simple protocol for curing (or ameliorating) type II diabetes.

Cleanse your liver and strengthen your adrenals through two specific protocols

...and HUNDREDS OF MORE TIPS and strategies for not only healing, prevention, and living healthy.  

Improve your recovery and overall health with this essential healing handbook.

"Vitamin A is necessary to decrease inflammation. However Vitamin D lowers Vitamin A. Even more dangerously, both Magnesium and Potassium are necessary for the body's ant-inflammatory response and yet, as we've already looked at, Vitamin D lowers both these essential minerals. Furthermore, Vitamin A is necessary for the production of ceruloplasmin, a protein that binds to Calcium and Copper to make them bio-available. Unfortunately, Vitamin D, which lowers Vitamin A, in turn lowers ceruloplasmin, which makes calcium (and copper) bio-UNavailable and thus, even though calcium may be at 'high' levels, the bone matrix structure is weakened and can lead to increased risk of osteoporosis.




"Salvestrols are naturally occurring nutritional compounds that seek out cancer cells, and literally destroy them.  How do they do this? Over 98% of all cancer cells have an enzyme called CYP1B1, something not present in almost any normal cells. Salvestrols are able to 'seek out' these enzymes, and when contact is made, a chemical reaction is activated which kills the cancer cell.  This all happens in as quickly as 30-60 minutes after ingestion.  Salvestrols are found in many fruits and vegetables (and herbs too). However, through the use of fungicides which are sprayed on produce and modern food processing, salvestrols are lost. For salvestrols to effectively fight cancer, they need to come from organic sources, which contain 30% higher levels than non-organic."

"Diet can cure illness; it can also create disease – everything from diabetes to obesity, allergies, liver disease, headaches, depression, arthritis, cancer, pretty much any disease (or at least the body’s susceptibility to disease) can be traced to diet. But here’s the key question – what caused the diet? The answer over and over again is in the subconscious programming we received as children.  Not only marketing messages, but also the trauma, the abuse or ridicule, the abandonment experienced in childhood – these show up in our diet, our addictions, and the way we both consciously and unconsciously treat ourselves as adults, and consequently the illness or pain that develops. And so we have to ask, in order to heal the present and the future, are we willing to look inside ourselves at the truth of our past."

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"I believe the health of people will change when they learn to take responsibility for their own health and healing... The discussion of responsibility also means becoming aware that we as the public are fed the agendas that best serve corporations, and not necessarily our health. After all, there is no money in ‘health’ - (when was the last time you saw a commercial on TV promoting healthy mushrooms, or raw kale?). Money is made off packaging and manufacturing processed foods, and later on in selling medications and ‘healthcare’ to manage all the illness that results." 





"Following fad diets, dogmatic views on nutrition, and bias dietary advice from health professionals can sometimes do more harm than good because 'every body' has a unique biological and metabolic make-up, each needing different forms of nutrition. An elimination diet (as provided in this book) allows you to see and feel what really works for you, what's nourishing your body and what's causing you harm."

"An adverse event that may have happened 40 years ago in childhood didn't just happen 40 years ago - it's happening now, living in your cells, living in your fat, living in your illness and symptoms.  Until one deals with the deeper issues, all the medicine taken, diets tried, and treatments attempted can only offer a temporary fix. Eventually the problem lying beneath will resurface because there's an emotional pain that hasn't been addressed, a subconscious program that's running the show. This is why mind-body medicine is so imperative. Without it, only the superficial is touched."

QUICK OVERVIEW: The Healing Workbook is far more than a 'workbook' - it is an essential and practical road map to healing and lifelong health. Integrating the mind and psychology, the gut and diet, and lifestyle choices, this book ties it all together and offers, through daily health lessons and action steps, an illuminated path to achieving (or regaining) your optimum health in both body and mind. Rather than addressing just symptoms, this book aims to address the source, which is from where true healing begins.

On this 12 week journey you'll be guided step by step on healthy nutrition choices and treatment options, you'll uncover places within yourself you may not have been before, and you will be shown many shocking truths that conventional medicine, drug companies, and even some doctors, don't want you to know - but this journey is the most important one you'll go on... your health depends on it.