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A book that belongs in every medical clinic, healing center, hospital, and home.


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The Healing Workbook is a great supplementary tool to help patients in their healing in between medical sessions.  When patients adopt a healing mindset and combine it with healthy dietary and lifestyle practices, not only are they more apt to take it upon themselves to follow the 'at home' activities prescribed, they will also experience greater benefit from the treatments they receive as the patient's inner environment (mindset and gut) is more conducive to healing.

Give your patients the gift of optimal healing! For those who would like to stock this book either to gift to loved ones or resell to clients, we are pleased to offer the following discounted bulk order pricing.

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NOTE: All prices are in U.S. Dollars and INCLUDE shipping!!!  Soft cover version only.  Orders are processed with 24 hours. (Single orders or quantities under 5 copies are best ordered through Amazon).